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Charitable Irish SocietyThe Oldest Irish Society in the Americas
"With Good Will Doing Service"

             Founded 1737      

               Statement of the Charitable Irish Society on the Recent Events  

                                                         Across the Nation

Charitable Irish Society

The Oldest Irish Society in the Americas

Founded in 1737

June 11, 2020

Dear Members of the Charitable Irish Society Community,

       On behalf of the Board of the Charitable Irish Society of Boston, I write today with profound sadness and a feeling of inadequacy in the face of the senseless death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others over our nation’s history.  As we battle a global pandemic, we know the specific actions we should take to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  However, when violence towards Black Americans continues, what are we called to do? 

       Our mission urges us to treat each other with respect and compassion and to live with integrity.  The Charitable Irish Society of Boston stands in support of each member of our community and beyond and will continue to serve immigrants from around the world, regardless of race.  Our shared faiths call for us to be a people of justice.  

       While many of us do not understand living as a Black person in this country, I do respect and share in the sorrow, fear, and anger that we see.  I ask that we join in examining our lives and actions, to find the ways in which our voices, individually and collectively, can bring about positive, constructive, and peaceful change to our world.


John D. Warner, Jr.

John D. Warner, Jr.

President, Charitable Irish Society of Boston


Your generous gifts strengthen our ability to provide financial                support where it is most needed.


The Charitable Irish Society relies on the generosity of individuals like you as it continues to carry out its motto since its inception "with good will doing service."  In the beginning, the Society provided financial assistance to pay for the high cost of applications for naturalization and U.S. citizenship. Today, the Silver Key, the "outreach arm" of the Society, in conjunction with the Irish International Immigration Center and the Irish Pastoral Center, identifies individuals in our communities who have a dire financial need and need our support. The grants provided by the Silver Key gives recipients much needed hope for their future.

In order to make a difference in the lives of those in need, we rely on your support.  If you have already made a donation, we thank you.

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Charitable Irish Society

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